Can I search for jobs on UKCIL?

Yes, you can search for jobs on UKCIL. There is a search box which can be found in the top-right corner. You can search for anything generic or specific, such as the postcode area or area you want a job in, the type of role you are looking for, what tasks you wish to carry out, and who you want to work with (e.g. with children’s disability, with someone who is elderly, who has autism, or someone with dementia).

Remember that when you’re searching, it is a good idea to use broader terminology and keywords only, so for instance:

  • With regards to postcode searches, use the outward code (i.e. the first set of letters and numbers)

  • When looking for areas, name the borough or town, rather than specific village only

  • And for the type of disability, type in keywords only e.g. autism

When searching through job vacancies, we have a helpful feature that allows you to sort the job vacancies and / or the results of your search. To do so, you’ll need to click on one of the subject headings, just above the vacancies list. 

Sorting by location is understandably popular and you can do this by clicking the “Location” heading just above the actual job vacancies list. Alternatively, you may want to sort by date, so that you can see the newest jobs first for instance; again, you can do this by clicking on the “Posted Date” heading which will list the jobs in the order of the date they were posted.

Feel free to visit the Vacancies page and try out the search capability and the sorting ability.