How do I write a good personal profile on UKCIL?

When creating a UKCIL account, you will be asked for your contact details, experience and skills, DBS / right to work / (pending) convictions information. We use this information to match you to the requirements of our customers, i.e. individual employers, so it is important to ensure this is accurate and remains up-to-date. Basic information takes minutes to complete and should be reviewed and updated as you gather more skills for instance, or as your availability changes.

The narrative section of the profile allows you to give information about yourself that you have not shared elsewhere - more than just your skills and availability. Your narrative will help your profile come to life e.g. 
-  Are you a quieter personality, and a great listener?
-  Or are you outgoing, enthusiastic and chatty?
-  Are you flexible or are you very disciplined in your approach to work

Always give examples to highlight where you have shown the qualities mentioned.

You can also use the narrative section to highlight any informal experience you have. For example, although you have not worked in care, you may have looked after a loved one. If this is the case, it would be good to include any information or examples of situations where you have had to learn a new task or meet and get along with new people.

If you need further help, please contact our help desk on